Small Salami

All of our small salamis are approximately 80g but due to the nature of the products and methods involved may be slightly under or over. All small Salamis have a shelf of at least two to three months if stored correctly

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Boar Cigars

4 delicious small salamis packed in a quirky cigar box

Rosemary & Garlic Salami

A true classic from Moons Green Charcuterie in Sussex

Blood, Wine and Chocolate

One of our best selling Salamis made from red wine, saddleback pork, blood and chocolate

Lamb and Lemon Merguez

A sweet, tangy salami with hints of North African spices

Seaweed and Cider

Made with Seaweed from St Ives Bay and North coast cider

Venison Chilli Chorizo

Exactly the same as our Venison Chorizo with an added kick of chilli