Cheese and charcuterie are great for all occasions, so here we have put together our top Sussex picks to help you make a standout board! 

Step one – let’s talk cheese! 

It’s worth deciding what cheeses you like, there’s no point putting a stinky bishop on the board if it’s going to send you over the edge!

For a balanced board we would recommend a milder semi soft cheese, such as the fantastic Saint Giles from the High Weald Dairy in Sussex, always a winner.

Next move onto a sharp cheddar or a washed rind cheese, sticking with the theme of Sussex maybe a Sussex Charmer, made by Bookhams Harrison Ford in a traditional parmesan style. 

Also, a nice bloomy rind cheese like a Camembert or Brie, make a great addition to the board. Definitely check out Alsop & Walker they make a fantastic Sussex Brie

Finally, we’d suggest finishing off with a piquant blue cheese, and of course we’re going to suggest the award winning Brighton blue


Step two – onto the meat… 

We’ll leave the charcuterie up to you but of course stick with British! 

Maybe a mangalitza ham from Beal’s Farm in Chailey, Chorizo from David at Calcot Farm in Steyning and the stunning venison, cherry & pistachio salami from John at Moons Green.

Step three – accompaniments!

To top it all off, you’re going to need some good bread, crackers and a glass (or bottle!) of wine. 

We’ve been drinking a lovely summery red from Alison over at the Albourne Estate.

Lastly pickles and chutney, you can find some beautiful stuff out there. Take a look at Barties chutney for some great seasonal chutneys.

Step four – a little something extra…

Just in case your feeling adventurous here’s a recipe for our quick home pickled cucumbers which go great with cheddar and blue cheese and are bang in season.


Sweet Pickled Cucumbers

1kg Sussex Cucumbers

500ml White Wine Vinegar

150ml Cold Water

150g White Sugar

30d Maldon or Good Quality Sea Salt

2 Red Chillies Deseeded

2 Bay Leaves

1 Tsp Coriander Seeds


1. Start by washing the cucumbers well in cold water and scrubbing your pickling jar or tub well.

2. Find a jar or tub big enough to hold the cucumbers, you can cut them down but leave as big as possible for extra crunch, pop them in ready for bathing.

3. Put all the other ingredients into a pan and bring to the boil, make sure you work quickly once it’s boiling otherwise it will change the flavour.

4. Pour your hot pickling liquor over the cucumbers and make sure they are fully submerged, add a touch more vinegar if necessary and weigh down if needed.

5. Now it’s a waiting game, you can eat the cucumbers after a few days but for best results leave for up to a month.


Thanks for reading, we hope hope you’re feeling inspired by our lovely local picks! We have linked the products mentioned so you can support your local producers whilst enjoying some top-notch British cheese and charcuterie. 

Phil, Barry, Louise & The Team

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