We just thought we’d jump on to show you all of the fantastic new products which are now LIVE on our website, whilst shining a light on the producers and what makes these artisan meats so special.

Beal’s Farm, East Sussex

Kicking it off with Beal’s Farm, an East Sussex based charcuterie producer creating award-winning cured ham, coppa, chorizo and salami from their own herd of free range Mangalitsa pigs.

The guys at Beal’s really show such a passion and skill for charcuterie in all stages of life; the love and nurture that goes into raising such beautiful pigs is something Beal’s Farm hold highly and is worth supporting.

You can find more about this family run farm and their mangalitsa pigs, here.

Mangalitsa Salami
The Italian Salami

Mangalitsa pork, black pepper and garlic, a splash of dry white wine from Tuscany and decadent cubes of Mangalitsa Lardo, itself cured for six months already.

Spicy Chorizo

This pork spicy chorizo is made from only pork leg, and is based upon a Spanish recipe using the finest Spanish smoked paprika. It has a deliciously deep flavour with a spicy bite to finish.

Lishman’s of Ilkley, West Yorkshire

Next, we get a taste for Yorkshire’s finest! Lishman’s are a family run independent butchers, established by David Lishman for over 30 years now. 

Nestled in a town called Ilkley, they support regional farmers who share their commitment to husbandry, welfare, and outstanding quality, by sourcing the majority of their meat from established Yorkshire farms.

It’s no doubt that their knowledge and traditional butchery methods shine through the high-quality meat they produce, and passion and craft skills absolutely run through their veins. 

If you’d like to know more about these fantastic butchers you can visit them over on their website, here.


Yorkshire Coppa

This Yorkshire coppa is cured from the neck (rib eye) of the outdoor reared pork and air dried for at least 6 weeks. Best enjoyed with some bread and cheese, or pan fried or grilled for garnish.

Lishman's Charcuterie Pepperoni

Pepperoni & Red Wine

Produced from Yorkshire beef and pork blended together with fennel and cayenne for a lightly spiced salami. This has been awarded at 2 star Great Taste Award in 2017! 

Moons Green Charcuterie, Kent

Owley Farm in the heart of the Kentish Weald is where you’ll find our next British Charcuterie pioneers John Doig and Ian Jones, owners of Moons Green Charcuterie. 

Obsessive about the craft they have been pursuing for almost ten years, this exciting pair of charcutiers are best known for their unique spectrum of meats, as well as creating the now ubiquitous Beer Sticks.

They are situated bang in the middle of some of the best livestock farms in the country, they source free range meat of unbeatable quality. 

To find out more about the magic happening at Moons Green, visit them here.

Ebony Farm Lamb & Lemon Saucisson

Ian raised the lamb just down the road at Ebony Farm. John added the Moroccan-style lemons to tame the full-flavour of the lamb and give it a gentle but familiar flavour.

Sussex Chorizo

Moons Green have found a chorizo recipe from the 18th century that gets to the heart of authenticity. It uses sherry and two different kinds of paprika, but no fiery chillies!

Tempus, Surrey

Tempus, the gods of time, are multi-award winning charcutiers who butcher, cure, ferment and age their products, finishing them for up to a year in their custom-built ageing room in Weybridge. 

This, alongside their technical know-how and meticulous process is something that sets them highly, and their obsessive exploration of flavour really seals the deal. 

The guys at Tempus demonstrate a strong commitment to utilising the food-chain correctly. Their responsibility to use animals already in existence is one of the many things which makes them, and all the other producers so special.

If you’d like to find out more about these multi-award winning charcutiers then visit them over here.


Spiced Coppa

Spiced Coppa is characterised by it's natural golden ratio of lean muscle to fat (around 70:30) it has a deep, rich flavour and a wonderful texture. A delicate blend of whole spices like cardamom, cloves and cinnamon are added, which have all been ground and blended in-house.

We love working with such talented suppliers, and we’re very excited to be expanding our radar and sharing the stories of local producers to lots of new restaurants and venues, As always, buy British, support local and keep your eyes peeled for great things on the way!

Thanks for reading.

Phil, Barry, Louise & The Team

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