Spicy Nduja Scrambled Egg Recipe

Spicy Nduja Scrambled Egg Recipe


Lishmans Of Ilkley are an incredible family run, award-winning butchers who source their meat from established Yorkshire farms, and combine their expert knowledge and traditional curing methods to produce exceptional charcuterie with such high quality and flavour.

All of their meat comes from free range, high welfare farms and this shines through in the finished product. Their N’Duja is a soft, spicy, spreading salami which is bang on trend and can be seen topping pizzas up and down the country. I’ve tried a lot of this stuff over the years and this is up there with the best.

As you can expect we try and sneak our cheese and charcuterie onto our menus as much as possible and this dish is a new one on the brunch menu at Hove Place. I think this one’s a keeper!

We like to use Organic eggs from Rookery farm but any good quality eggs will do and don’t worry if you can’t get to Real Patisserie for their famous rye bread, Hovis will work too.

This dish is quick and easy and just as good for dinner as it is for brunch, enjoy !


This will feed 2 people

4 Organic or Free Range Local Eggs

100g Unsalted Butter

150g Spicy N’duja ( Lishman’s is great for this one ) – grab it here

30g Green Shelled Pistachios

20g Mixed Sesame Seeds

150g Natural Yoghurt

20g Harrissa Paste

2 Slices Light Rye Bread

1 Handful Of Your Favourite Fresh herbs


  1. First mix the Harissa and Yoghurt together, add a pinch of salt, you can always add more harissa if you like it spicy.
  2. Slice your bread just how you like it and get ready to toast.
  3. Crack the eggs into a bowl and mix up gently. Try not to whip too much.
  4. Break the N’Duja into bite size pieces and put into a non stick pan, slowly bring the heat up to medium.
  5. When the oil starts releasing from the N’Duja then throw in roughly half of the butter.
  6. Wait for the butter to melt completely and then turn your pan down to low.
  7. Add your mixed eggs in and gently pull the outside mixture into the middle. The secret of good scrambled eggs is not to move around too much, try to fold instead of whisk.
  8. When your eggs are nearly ready pull the pan off the heat and let the residual heat finish your eggs.
  9. Pop your bread in the toaster and then smother with the rest of your butter.
  10. Plate up your eggs on toast, sprinkle with the sesame and pistachios then dollop over the harissa yoghurt and any herbs you like.

Thanks for reading, we hope this has inspired you to pimp out your brunch menu! We stock a great selection of Lishman’s products so make sure to check out their range, these guys really knock it out of the park with innovative products and concepts.

As always, buy British and support your local producers and businesses. We hope you’ve enjoyed this recipe, plenty more on the way!

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