Those crisp mornings are just around the corner… So here’s our favourite cheese and charcuterie styles to dig into when seasons change

As farmers’ markets bring those toasty, spiced flavours of Autumn, you know it’s time to dig into aged cheeses with rich textures and big flavours.

Autumn is when the first of the semi-mature cheeses made with Spring milk can begin to be enjoyed. Goat’s cheese is very good around the beginning of Autumn, as are some of the shorter matured blues. It’s also a good time to eat mature cheddars that are aged for over a year as it’s when many of them are at their peak.

In our opinion, the spicy fruit and wood smoke flavours that Autumn characterises are what makes it so enjoyable for food. Savoury cheddars paired with tangy apples are a great example of this!

1. Nothing but nutty for cheddar!

To kick it off, without a doubt we would reach for a nutty, earthy, clothbound cheddar like Quicke’s oak smoked cheddar.
Smoked using oak chips from trees grown on the Quicke's estate, it's smoky and buttery flavour speaks for itself. It is great paired with sweet seasonal fruit for full flavour balance, but also makes the perfect little addition to spice up soups, or to mix in when making mashed potatoes, shepherd's pie, macaroni and cheese, and casseroles - delicious hearty dinners for when the seasons change.

We have a great range of smoked British cheeses from all over the country; just click the title above and we'll take you there!

2. Now for some full bodied blues ...

While blue cheese may be seasonless to enjoy, it's dense, rich texture and peppery, sweet-savoury flavour makes it the perfect addition for a balanced cheeseboard, not to mention how well it pairs with the earthiness in nuts - a must have accompaniment to any Autumn selection! Blue veined cheeses are at optimal flavour in Autumn too, but simply for us they're just great cheese when you're in the mood for comfort food!

Of course we're going to suggest High Weald Dairy's Organic Brighton Blue. This mild, semi-soft cheese has a mellow blue flavour and a slightly salty finish making it a refined cheese for all to enjoy. Explore our British blue cheeses using the link in the title above...

3. Going for goat’s cheese!

Goat's cheese offers such a beautiful range of tangy and earthy flavours which in our opinion is exactly what you'd want on your Autumn cheeseboard.

We have a very unique suggestion for this one! Wookey Hole Cave Aged Goats Cheese is a deliciously mild, savoury, firm British cheese which is similar to a traditional cheddar in texture but with a distinctive yet subtle ‘goat’ flavour. The Cave environment adds yet another dimension to the ageing process.

The year round constant 12 degrees centigrade and humidity bestows the cheese with the added benefit of rich, earthy and nutty flavours with caramel top notes. 

Shop our very popular goat's cheese range using the link above!

4. A truckle treasure

We don't know about you but as the seasons change our taste buds transition to craving more sweet treats and naughty comfort food. That's where this is an amazingly sweet sticky toffee heaven treat comes in. Real pieces of toffee blended with medium cheddar and syrup will for sure give you a Sticky Toffee Pudding-like experience. Tasters say its more like fudge than cheese. 

A real crowd pleaser we should have named this cheese twice as everyone repeats its name. Make sure to give it a try if you're feeling adventurous this Autumn, it makes a really unusual talking point for your cheese board!

If it's taking your fancy, shop this truckle treasure using the link above.

5. Great Glen Smoked Wild Venison

Venison is a festive-tasting meat, so without a doubt it belongs in this blog! This smoked Wild Venison from Great Glen Game is made from prime cuts of wild venison, dry cured, oak smoked and matured for 3 months. It's rich and earthy tones offer a perfect hint of Autumnal flavour.

6. Tempus Foods Spiced Coppa

In Autumn, cinnamon is usually the standout spice that comes to mind, right? This spiced Coppa fits in so nicely with our theme! The guys at Tempus add to this incredible cut a delicate blend of carefully sourced whole spices that they grind and blend in-house, including cardamom, cloves and cinnamon.

7. Calcot Farm British Beef Biltong

Now this one is a winner. David over at Calcot Farm uses Sussex beef which he cures in salt and spices before air drying, usually stocking various flavours including cumin & coriander, pepper & garlic and chilli & garlic. The carefully selected spices really bring out the flavour and character of the meat.

What are your autumnal favourites? Let us know in the comments below! 

As always, buy British and support your local producers. Small farms and suppliers need it more than ever right now especially with the coming winter months. Thanks for reading, we hope you’ve enjoyed this blog!

Phil, Louise & The Team

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