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Since our last expedition, we’ve had the pleasure of visiting more local producers and trying their awesome products!!

Our trip began at the Hidden Spring Vineyard in Heathfield, East Sussex

Tucked away near Horam, the Hidden Spring vineyard was bought by David McNally and Chris Phipps back in 2015.  The couple both formerly worked in IT, but since experiencing vineyards in New Zealand they felt inspired to leave the corporate world and pursue their own winemaking dreams. 

The vineyard was originally established in 1986 and experienced years of successful high-quality wine production. David and Chris, took over the land in 2015 which at the time had been converted to a campsite. They expanded the vineyard site to cover all of the available land and arranged for a German tractor to come in and plant 24,000 different vines; including varieties of Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Meunier, Bacchus and Pinot Gris.

Chris (left) is the dedicated viticulturist, in charge of everything in the field! David (right) is full time in the winery taking charge of the grapes once they have been harvested; from pressing, fermentation in stainless steel tanks and barrels, to blending and bottling. The pair talked us through the rigorous process of inserting additives for ensuring top tier flavour, which is a long trial and error series that can often end with broken bottles from the pressure build up in their sparkling wines.

The beauty of small scale, artisanal produced wine are the characteristics that set them apart from the majority of other wines. Each harvest can produce a unique flavour year to year, letting the fruit do the talking!

All of this effort pays off as we stock a beautiful range of Hidden Spring wines, here. P.s. the Blanc de Noirs was our personal favourite – you should definitely check it out over here.

Make sure to visit the guys at Hidden Spring here.

We were then immersed into the full Madame Jennifer Distillery experience!


Madame Jennifer Distillery is a quirky, small-batch distillery producing amazing gin and liqueurs in the heart of Hove!

Run by biologist and chemist duo Inger & Ian, Madame Jennifer came to life after the couple were inspired from a book on craft distilling. Their dream was then ignited by a trip to the oldest distillery in Amsterdam, and, after lots of research, the distillery opened 2 years later in Poets Corner, Hove.

Walking into the distillery was like a science lab scene out of a movie! Aside from the obvious gin making contractions all across the workshop, the walls were home to countless test tubes, jars of ingredients and dried botanicals, and of course a great variety of unlabelled samples! The two stills were for sure the show stoppers; one was filled with six copper bubble plates, and the second with a vapour distillation basket for to extract the flavours from botanicals. 

The distillery is really something special as the pair have a great passion for experimentation to produce the perfect spirit. Each batch is no larger than 100 bottles ensuring quality control at all times, and the hand-labelled bottles seal the deal for an all round unique end product, made with love.


The couple clearly have their own individual taste when it comes to gin, and both know what they want, so they ended up with two different signature gins ‘The Chemist’ and ‘The Biologist’ named after them! The chemist is an earthier, liquorice gin whilst the biologist has notes of fruity grapefruit peel. 

They also produce a great variety of established spirits (which we were lucky enough to sample) including their gin of paradise, a smooth bubble-plate vodka, Limoncello, Amaro, and other seasonal spirits such as sloe gin and a special Christmas gin.

If you would like to find out more about the Madame Jennifer Distillery, visit them over here.

You can find all of the Hidden Spring wines over on our website. We would love to offer something special with the Madame Jennifer range so let us know if that’s something that takes your fancy, we’d love to know your thoughts! We’d like to say a big thank you to these fantastic producers for having us, it’s always a pleasure and we absolutely love hearing their stories so we can share why supporting local is so important. 

Thanks for reading and watch this space for more blogs.


Phil, Louise & The Team

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If you’ve been keeping up with us on social media you might have seen we got to taste some great local wines in the sunshine last week.

We love visiting our producers and who wouldn’t want to spend a day visiting the counties top vineyards ?

The first stop off on our trip was Poynings Grange Vineyard.

Run by Esme and her husband Rupert, the vineyard is tucked away in the rolling South Downs hills. The small-scale vineyard came to life in 2010 and since they have found their passion and dedication for looking after the grapes whilst facing many challenges along the way.

It’s clear that raising the vines is a labor of love for Emma and Rupert and the sheer grit and determination that goes into the harvest is admirable!

The couple have adapted to rolling with the many highs and lows after experiencing that the endless time and effort go into producing the best grapes doesn’t always go to plan.

Nature can be a constant battle throughout the process which means they have to constantly tend to the vines to avoid a devastating loss from frost or local pests trying to get a taste of the sweet fruit.

All of this effort pays off as we are now stocking the full range of Poynings Grange wines.

We then visited the fantastic Albourne Estate.

A family-owned vineyard and winery just outside of Brighton. This considerably larger vineyard is ran by Alison and her family, who produce a broad range of English wines from the plot they have.

Their estate has everything a winemaker could need, and this combined with their passion and hard work guarantees control over every process to produce one of the highest quality range of wines in Sussex!

They are a ’boutique’ producer and they are seriously committed to working with and supporting other local businesses.

From visiting the site, you can see their environmental footprint is also something that stands out – their dedication to their sustainable and vegan friendly wines is really worth shouting about.

As Alison talks us through the natural compost matter they use to nurture the ground we can really notice the passion and love that goes into looking after

the grapevines and finding methods to really get the best out of the vineyard. The devotion doesn’t stop here, the attention to detail is shown right through to vinification and additives where Alison will have active involvement in complementing the flavours in the wine.

We really enjoyed visiting our local vineyards and there are plenty more stops we’ll be making on our Sussex tour. 

All of our new wines are available now on the site so, as always, buy British and support your local producers. They need it more now than ever !

Thanks for reading and watch this space for more blogs.


Phil, Barry, Louise & The Team

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It’s been a rather busy week for us getting Old Brompton, our newest addition to the GB Charcuterie family, up and running! 

Old Brompton is a wine, cheese and charcuterie bar and deli based in the bustling South Kensington district and marks our first venture into the big smoke !

We opened our first London site last Wednesday in collaboration with Steve Pineau and Xavier Rousset MS. They have added a selection of over 300 wines to our range all available to take away or drink in.

Our largely British influenced menu offers over 100 cheeses along with a range of artisan British charcuterie from small scale producers. This is the first time we have added a small selection of  European products to our shelf, but, as always our aim is to promote British produce.

We’ve got some tables and chairs outside for you to enjoy a glass of wine and a board right now but the real gems are to be found inside and we are very excited about our 1920’s prohibition themed cellar bar which is in the works as we speak and due to open in June.

We have taken on a cracking team to run the site and are excited to see how things progress over the coming months, they have a wealth of experience working in Michelin star restaurants but our aim is to create a friendly and relaxed atmosphere so they’ve ditched the dickie bows and shiny shoes !

Old Brompton is reachable by transportation links of all kinds and is easily accessible via bus, train, and tube lines in the local area and is importantly wheelchair accessible from the street.

Whether you pop in to see what is going on or come and enjoy some cheese and charcuterie – we’d love to see you there!

We are taking bookings now on 020 8066 1582 or just pop in to browse the shop.