Christmas Essentials

Their are just some things that Christmas wouldn't be complete without. Luckily for you we have put them all in one place from Stiltons to Sparkling wines you'll find it all here to make sure you can get well stocked up this Christmas 

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Golden Cross Extra Mature

A charcoal rubbed dense and creamy goats cheese made by the golden cross Dairy and matured by us

Irish Porter

A mature Cheddar muddled with porter Guinness by Cahill's in Limerick

Lancashire Bomb Large

The big Lancashire bomb from the famous Shorrocks cheese in Lancashire.
£14.95 £11.95

Pickled Figs

Sweet and hot pickled figs, great with hard cheeses, goats cheese and cheddars

Pickled Onions

Hot and crunchy pickled onions, great with hard cheeses and cheddars

Pickled Pears

Fruity and tangy pickled pears, great with soft cheeses