Charcuterie Rebels CHORIZ'OVE 120g Salami


Charcuterie Rebels CHORIZ’OVE 100g Salami has a good hit of spice with a smokey note from the paprika. A great eating British chorizo.



Charcuterie Rebels CHORIZ’OVE 120g Salami

Born and bred in Brighton !

Our process begins by sourcing the best produce we can find, this means high welfare, free range, local and happy animals. Our pigs are a little over eleven miles away from our Brighton HQ, reared in open fields at the foot of the Southdowns. Farmer Richard then, at the right time, personally drives the pigs to the abattoir. He is present from the beginning to the end. Our Wagyu X products are carefully selected from our friend Andrew at Trenchmore farm plus we have a collection of weekly specials from rare-breed small holdings.

Their chorizo has a good hit of spice with a smokey note from the paprika.

Visit our friends at Charcuterie Rebels over here.

If you’re after more small salamis, it’s over here.



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