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Charcuterie Lovers Gift Set Extra Large

Charcuterie Lovers Gift Set Extra Large

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Charcuterie Lovers Gift Set Extra Large

Our British Charcuterie Lovers Gift Set Extra Large is the perfect charcuterie gift for all the charcuterie lovers out there. Why not add a luxury wicker hamper to make the perfect charcuterie hamper?

Our Charcuterie Lovers Gift Set Hamper comes with crackers and chutneys.

Please choose from our standard GBC cardboard packaging or luxury hamper.

Our Charcuterie Lovers Gift Set Extra Large may from time to time have some substitutes due to the nature of the products we work with, these will always be the same value or more.


Moons Green Wild Mushroom & Truffle

A fantastically perfumed pork salami with earthy notes from John over in Kent


Moons Green Rosemary & Garlic

A great new product for us. Solid salami loaded with rosemary and garlic from the guys at Moons Green


Wild Venison with Sour Cherries and Pistachio Nuts

Wild venison for starters, then whole chunks of preserved sour cherries and whole pistachio nuts.


Moons Green Beersticks

No charcuterie hamper would be complete without the world-famous Beersticks


Lishman’s Spicy N’duja

In our opinion, the best N’Duja produced in the UK. Oily, hot and perfectly balanced. One not to be missed


Moons Green Wild Fennel 

This saucisson is characterized by a short cure and a month of drying, the top quality British leg of pork paired with the luxurious tastes of British aromatic spices, wild fennel and fennel seeds


Tempus Spiced Loin

A mixture including mace, star anise, and black pepper. The fat adds a buttery texture and profile that lingers with every bite. 


Tempus Achari Salami

Winner of multiple awards this is a great salami with Indian influence from Dhruv & Tom at Tempus


Beals Farm Coppa

The clove and cinnamon flavors infuse and come through with subtlety. It is air dried for three to four months resulting in a marbled texture which leaves a creamy melting taste in the mouth.


Moons Green Trufflesticks

A blend of British meat with chili, spices, and herbs. They are best enjoyed with an ice-cold beer!


Calcot Farm Bresaola

Our friends at Calcot Farm have now created this beautiful bresaola from Sussex beef with red wine, herbs, and spices


 Moons Green Ebony Lamb & Lemon Salami

For this special salami, the Lamb is locally sourced from Ebony Farm. Moroccan-style preserved lemons are added to tame the full flavour of the lamb and give it a gentle but familiar flavour.


Hamper Care

Our cheeses are always best kept in the fridge but we recommend eating cheese at room temperature. Ideally, remove the cheese from the fridge around 1 hour before serving, don't panic if you don't, it'll still be delicious!

Our charcuterie is best kept in the fridge and consumed within a few days of opening.

Delivery Advice

Our cheese will always arrive with a minimum of 5 days of fridge life but most will last a lot longer. We hand-pick our cheeses to arrive in peak condition so if you are planning on buying early then please consider using our delivery date picker on checkout.

Our charcuterie will generally have at least 14 days shelf life but again will mostly last longer.

Please use our date selector on checkout to make sure you get our products in peak condition.


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