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Cheese & Charcuterie Luxury Hamper

Cheese & Charcuterie Luxury Hamper

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Cheese & Charcuterie Luxury Hamper

Our British Cheese & Charcuterie Luxury Hamper is the perfect charcuterie gift for all the charcuterie lovers out there. Come in a luxury wicker hamper for a touch of elegance.

Our Cheese & Charcuterie Luxury Hamper comes with crackers and chutneys.

Our Cheese & Charcuterie Luxury Hamper may from time to time have some substitutes due to the nature of the products we work with, these will always be the same value or more.


Moons Green Wild Mushroom & Truffle

A fantastically perfumed pork salami with earthy notes from John over in Kent


Moons Green Beersticks

No charcuterie hamper would be complete without the world-famous Beersticks


Lishman’s Spicy N’duja

In our opinion the best N’Duja produced in the UK. Oily, hot and perfectly balanced. One not to be missed


Charcoal Cheddar

The famous jet black charcoal cheese from Michael Lees in Yorkshire



A creamy, bloom rinded, triple cream cheese from The Nettlebed Dairy in Oxfordshire


Quickes Double Devonshire

A great take on the artisan farmhouse red Leicester. Buttery yet rich cheese from Quickes in Devon


Pavé Cobble

A unique ash-coated cheese with a soft and springy texture that becomes meltingly creamy with age


Simon Weaver Organic Blue 

A great soft, bloomy rind, blue from Simon Weaver Organic in Gloucestershire


Tempus Spiced Loin 50g

Cured pork loins are slightly different from some, by leaving a generous fat cap on. To create a more delicate cut of pork.

Plum & Port Stick

Port and plum are both a sauce and a famous pork dish so we are well-connected by tradition. The combination of port and plum with pork is heavenly and the great chunks of preserved plums make for a luscious saucisson.


South Downs Coppa

Pork shoulder cured old style with Guerance sea salt, rubbed with freshly crushed peppercorn, garlic, and nutmeg.


Calcot Farm Bresaola

Our friends at Calcot Farm have made a beautiful beef bresaola. This bresaola is cured with red wine and spices and packs a good punch


Moons Green Rosemary Salami

A festive special from John over in Kent. Rosemary spices adorn this individual salami


Tempus Achari Salami 

Winner of multiple awards this is a great salami with Indian influence from Dhruv & Tom at Tempus


Lancashire Bomb

The one and only Shorrocks Lancashire bomb. Matured for two years from Shorrocks in Lancashire


Blue Monday

Blur bassist Alex James helped create this semi soft blue. Strong and piquant blue from Yorkshire


Moons Green Truffle Sticks

Made to the same high standard as our beersticks but loaded with black truffle


Rebel Hunter Salami

Rebels second entry on the list is this great Hunter salami with walnuts and wine


Wild Venison with Sour Cherries and Pistachio Nuts 

A perfect salami from David & Emma Lishman in Yorkshire. Cider and hazelnuts add a sweet edge.


Tempus Spiced Loin

Another great product from Tempus. Rare breed pork is heavily spiced to create a wonderfully fatty ham


Capricorn Goats

Soft mould-ripened cheese made from pasteurised goat's milk. Perfect for cheese lovers, it is multiple award-winning, beautifully balanced and has an irresistible soft and creamy texture.


Colston Basset Stilton 

Gentler, sweeter, and more balanced than a ‘typical’ blue cheese, it boasts a creamy, buttery paste pierced with the delicate blue veining characteristic of a Stilton.


Hamper Care

Our cheeses are always best kept in the fridge but we recommend eating cheese at room temperature. Ideally, remove the cheese from the fridge around 1 hour before serving, don't panic if you don't, it'll still be delicious!

Our charcuterie is best kept in the fridge and consumed within a few days of opening.

Delivery Advice

Our cheese will always arrive with a minimum of 5 days of fridge life but most will last a lot longer. We hand-pick our cheeses to arrive in peak condition so if you are planning on buying early then please consider using our delivery date picker on checkout.

Our charcuterie will generally have at least 14 days shelf life but again will mostly last longer.

Please use our date selector on checkout to make sure you get our products in peak condition.

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