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Cornish Yarg

Cornish Yarg

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Cornish Yarg

Cornish Yarg Nettle wrapped cheese is arguably one of the most loved cheeses produced in the UK.

The nettle leaves, which attract naturally occurring mould, are brushed onto the Cornish Yarg in concentric circles.

As the Cornish Yarg matures, the nettles impart a delicate, mushroomy taste and develop its unique bloomy white appearance.

Once matured, nettled Cornish Yarg is fresh, lemony and creamy under its beautiful rind, with a crumbly core.


Cows Milk, Salt, Nettle Leaves, Vegetarian Rennet

Cheese Care

Our cheeses are always best kept in the fridge but we recommend eating cheese at room temperature. Ideally, remove the cheese from the fridge around 1 hour before serving, don't panic if you don't, it'll still be delicious!

Delivery Advice

Our cheese will always arrive with a minimum of 5 days of fridge life but most will last a lot longer. We hand-pick our cheeses to arrive in peak condition so if you are planning on buying early then please consider using our delivery date picker on checkout.

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