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Cricket St Thomas Goats Brie

Cricket St Thomas Goats Brie

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Cricket St Thomas Goats Brie

Cricket St Thomas Goats Brie is a delectable artisanal cheese made from pasteurized goat's milk. It is named after Cricket St Thomas, a village located in Somerset, England.

This goat's milk Brie is crafted using traditional cheese-making techniques, resulting in a soft and creamy texture with a bloomy rind. The cheese is aged to allow the flavors to develop, creating a rich and tangy taste profile.

Cricket St Thomas Goats Brie offers a delicate and nuanced flavor, characterized by a mild goat's milk tang combined with buttery and earthy undertones. Its velvety texture and melt-in-your-mouth consistency make it a delightful choice for cheese lovers.

Perfect for cheeseboards, sandwiches, or even as a standalone treat, Cricket St Thomas Goats Brie pairs well with crusty bread, fresh fruits, and a variety of accompaniments. Experience the luxurious and distinct flavors of this artisanal goat's milk Brie and elevate your cheese-tasting adventures.

Cricket St Thomas Goats Brie is a great alternative to anyone with a sensitivity to lactose.


Pasteurised Goats Milk, Salt, Vegetarian Rennet, Starter culture. 

Cheese Care

Our cheeses are always best kept in the fridge but we recommend eating cheese at room temperature. Ideally, remove the cheese from the fridge around 1 hour before serving, don't panic if you don't, it'll still be delicious!

Delivery Advice

Our cheese will always arrive with a minimum of 5 days of fridge life but most will last a lot longer. We hand-pick our cheeses to arrive in peak condition so if you are planning on buying early then please consider using our delivery date picker on checkout.

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