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Tunworth British Camembert

Tunworth British Camembert

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Tunworth Camembert

Tunworth British camembert is a very British Camembert – a soft, white-rinded cheese wonderfully reminiscent of its French cousin. Tunworth Camembert is markedly different thanks to the lush grazing of rural Hampshire.

Despite being refined and perfected over the years, Tunworth British camembert is still made entirely by hand – from the first ladle of pasteurised whole cow’s milk to the poplar box packaging.

The finished 250g cheese has a soft, thin and wrinkled rind, a rich and earthy mushroom fragrance, and a long-lasting sweet and nutty flavour.

Tunworth camembert is made, alongside its cousin cheese Winslade, by Stacy Hedges and Charlotte Spruce of The Hampshire Cheese Company.


Pasteurised Cow's MILK, Salt, Cheese Cultures, Animal Rennet

Cheese Care

Our cheeses are always best kept in the fridge but we recommend eating cheese at room temperature. Ideally, remove the cheese from the fridge around 1 hour before serving, don't panic if you don't, it'll still be delicious!

Delivery Advice

Our cheese will always arrive with a minimum of 5 days of fridge life but most will last a lot longer. We hand-pick our cheeses to arrive in peak condition so if you are planning on buying early then please consider using our delivery date picker on checkout.

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